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Classification of building structure

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1. Frame structure: the advantages of self built house with frame structure are: seismic grade 8 and wind resistance grade 13. The rate of obtaining houses is 50% more than that of traditional houses. For integrated houses, 120 square meters can be built in 10 months. Save time and effort. The beam and column components of frame structure are easy to be standardized and stereotyped, and it is easy to adopt assembled integral structure to shorten the construction period; when cast-in-place concrete frame is adopted, the integrity and rigidity of the structure are better, and the design and treatment can also achieve better seismic effect, and the beam or column can be poured into various required cross-section shapes.

2. Steel structure: the main load-bearing structure is made of steel materials, including suspension structure. Such as steel plant, large stadium and so on.

3. Steel and reinforced concrete structure: the main bearing structure is made of steel and reinforced concrete. For example, a part of the beams and columns of a building are made of steel, and some of them are made of reinforced concrete.

4. Reinforced concrete structure: the main load-bearing structure is constructed with reinforced concrete, including thin shell structure, large formwork cast-in-place structure and reinforced concrete constructed with advanced construction methods such as sliding formwork.

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